“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?”

You had to know I wouldn’t let that slide.
Berated, attacked, slandered;
Those things you cannot say to someone I love.

I could let you go free, let you think you were right
Yet, that would mean the disgrace of my love.
My dearest friend,
How could you say this?
How could you be so brash, so cruel?
What have they done to you, other than simply exist in your presence?
Not once has xe harmed you, nor spoke against you
I cannot allow you to tongue-lash innocents.

We used to play in shadows behind my house, laughing ‘til we couldn’t breathe,
Sharing secrets and smiles, and stealing snacks from your cupboard at 2 am.
But I’m afraid I cannot continue this relationship for fear of faer safety.
He has been so distraught, she has been so anxious
To be around you another minute.

How could you?
You knew I was going to say something to you.
That’s why you gave me that devilish grin, as if it was some secret inside joke.
I bet you didn’t account for compassion in other human beings.

Ze is not a joke. The humans around us are not freaks, nor unworthy of air,
Despite what you preach,
And I can no longer tolerate your cutting whispers, your sword-sharp glances, your exclusionary actions.
Not one person is worth less. And you are certainly not worth more.

You knew I was going to say something to you.
You thought I would agree.
You thought I would sit like a blind sheep and follow you into the den of hate.
Your piercing whistles for the pack of beasts you keep at the reins.
Well, I will not become one of them. I am Daniel, your lions will not touch me, and I will protect my people like David.

You knew I was going to say something to you.
I bet you feel foolish now.
Now you are not supported nor justified in all that you said to vem.
Tey are not some scapegoat you can blame for all the issues you create and
Ae are not your punching bag to throw around
“Making us look like a joke” no, your hate makes us look like a joke.
A poorly organized, ununified joke.
You knew I was going to say something to you, right?