“You knew I was going to say something to you, right?” The man behind me had said eerily

“What?” I said as I slowly turned around.

As I turned I looked to find the man that had just said something to me but there was nothing.

“Hello?” I shouted.

I started to feel sick and confused and heard this constant ringing noise throughout my ears. My head began to spin and it felt like I was losing my mind. Then I woke up from that nightmare, covered in my own sweat as if I had just had an entire pool dumped onto me. The dreams never stopped, they kept happening over and over again, for what felt like eternity. After a month of having this recurring dream on the edge between normalcy and insanity, I decided I needed an escape and I could not do that inside my small cramped apartment so I went to get some fresh air in the busy streets of New York City, as I was walking down 50th avenue I heard a voice, a very familiar voice, but I could not tell where I recognized it from. Then I remembered that same tone, I walked up to the man he was wearing this ginormous leopard print fur coat, and had skinny ripped blue jeans with a collared shirt under the jacket and this eye-catching gold chain.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“Hey there!” he said confidently.

“I know this may be weird but, you seem very familiar as if I’ve heard your voice before.” I stated.

“Well of course you do.” he snickered.

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.” I said, as the stomach turning feeling began to creep into my system once again. The man, whose name I forgot to catch, looked at me with a dead expression with no signs of life in his eyes. My skin began to crawl, I looked around and the buildings around me began to move in a way in which they were breathing. My feet began to melt into the asphalt, my breath became shallow, I could see what I was thinking and feel what I was seeing. The man snickered and began to morph into a lanky distorted figure, I could no longer see his expressions or the outfit he was wearing, he became a shadow that did not need the sun to be seen.

“WAKE UP!” he shrieked as he crept towards me. I could not move, I could not escape from him, my feet were solidified into the ground. I could not tell what kind of being they were anymore, he reached his arms out and softly took hold of my face. I looked into his eyes and saw everything, I felt everyone’s pain, everyone’s joy, everyone that has ever lived and going to live; I felt everything. The strain of this on my mind was excruciating but I could not stop looking into his eyes, as if a doorway had opened, I became clear headed, nothing existed anymore, nothing ever existed, I was just a spec of nothing in this vast cosmos, yet I was everything.

“wE aRe OnE.” the figure who once was a man said to me as his whole being merged within me. I opened my eyes, I was in bed, the time was 3:44 AM.

“Oh thank god it was just another nightmare.” I said, shaken up after what I just experienced.