“Maybe I just destroy them and never do it again.”

They gripped the pen in their hand, tensing as their eyes shot up. “But Mx Feio, we can’t just take them down like that, the world has to think this is still a democracy. We can’t go around willy nilly killing off companies and political enemies, they have to believe we’re willing to compromise!”

Feio twitched. They slowly turned, hand coming to rest on a key that was sitting on the desk next to them. “You know nothing of the way this world has come to work.” They lifted the key, an old ornate thing, much outdated with the new locking technology. “I don’t care what the rest of the world thinks, Annah. What does it matter if they find out this is a dictatorship?” Their eyes burned orange, and threw their hands wide: “What does it matter if they find out? I can take every single one of them down, I could burn their countries and societies. I can wreak more chaos than they could ever imagine.”

They yanked their arms back in and whipped around, trying to regain composure. The key was placed softly back on the table. “Do not question me again, Annah. I have nothing to lose here, and a whole world to gain.”

Annah lowered their eyes back to the drafts of neutrality that were definitely not going to be signed today, or any day. They swallowed a sigh of disappointment, and walked out of the room without another word.