“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again!” I said, with as much emotion I could express. “I’m so sick and tired of the people beating me and making me feel like I’m nothing.”

Everyone that was around me took a few steps back, shocked by what I said. I was the quiet one, always going with the flow of things and not making anything out of it. I normally kept to myself, and I honestly really liked it that way. It was easy to deal with, with no one giving any controversy. But, that makes you a part of the controversy conversely, just because of the fact the people who pick on you, never get hurt. They feel invincible, even under their scrawny 16 year old selves.

So, a little backstory. All over the years, I had just gone through the motions of life. Every single day was and always the same. I went to school and got dropped off, and I was always dreaming of a better place where I did not have to drag myself too so I could have a better future. But because I just went through the motions of life, I did not get many friends. And the friends I did make were most likely fake. They only made friends with me to make them feel stronger and a way to pick on me. I knew this after the first couple times, so I normally ushered them away.

In recent years, I have changed mentally and physically. I just went through puberty, which made me shoot up and height and finally gain weight so I am no longer the small scrawny kid. But this did not make anyone change the way they saw me. They still picked on me, and pushed me around. But with this new height, I gained something important, confidence.

I was much stronger than I was before. During the time of hitting growth spurt, I had been lowkey lifting weights so my muscle would grow at the same proportion to my height. But because I had grown, no one noticed that I had become stronger.

I even tried to be more social with this newfound confidence, but this is where everything turned against me. As soon as I started talking to people, I was always perceived as the strange outcast and everyone still treated me as such. I was picked on like, “Why are you talking to me you outcast?! You are a nobody, and always will be.” But there was one time recently, where the way people saw me changed forever. One moment.

I walked into school on a Thursday morning. I was happy actually for once, since I only had to endure one more day before the weekend. I was just going to be on the phone for most of the day and maybe talk to a few acquaintances. But as soon as I locked eyes with the door opening, I felt something was off.

I heard running behind me and before I turned around, I was pushed to the ground. In my head, I was like, “Here we go again, time to get bullied.”

“Who do you think you are?! You are a nobody and always will be.” The bully responded.

But I knew exactly who this kid was. His name was Rob. ever since I was little, it was the same kid picking on me. It annoyed me, but I did not normally fight back, just because of the fact that it was less severe. But this time, I had enough of it.

“I know what I am, but it is now to become somebody, Rob.”

He looked at me, dumbfounded. I hadn’t said anything against him before. He then responded, “You are going to pay on what you just” –

“Maybe I’ll just destroy them and never do it again!” I said with ferocity.

I then uppercutted Rob as hard as I could. He fell back and passed out on impact. A small crowd started to form around me at this point, and they stepped back. They all gasped at the same time.

And all I did after was walk away. Rob never picked on me ever again.