Personalities are unique, and seem to define our behavior and beliefs. Sometimes, we let these become so defined that we form groups of people, sometimes so drastic that they divide us. Just think of the American congress.

Republicans and Democrats find themselves in such opposition, that they even have to sit on different sides of the room. Sometimes this even happens within our own social bubbles. You might occasionally hear someone say, “He’s a Wild, Wild West kind of guy and she’s like a Material Girl.” It’s as if simply being different from someone is reason to stay away from them.

While this may feel comfortable, this causes separation in society, divisions that only widen with time. In a world with such a large growing population, with tons of different cultures and personalities, it becomes more and more urgent to set our differences aside. Instead of pushing away the unknown, we should welcome it, open to learning and sharing ideas. This is how we can connect, and become a more intertwined society.