Walking on the empty streets of New York City at 3 am I suddenly see a black cat. It seems to be leading me somewhere, I am intrigued. It has bright red, glowing eyes that are staring deep into my soul. It starts to take me down a dark alley with graffiti covered walls. There seems to be lots of people down the alley, they are screaming my name. I can smell lots of fumes that consist of smoke, burnt pizza, and fire. It looks like there’s a fire, I can see tons of smoke creating dark puffy clouds. There’s sirens sounding from everywhere now. I start to hear this pounding almost like someone knocking on a door. There’s people crying and screaming, and animals whaling. I woke up from what was supposed to be a 15 minute nap while my pizza was cooking. My roommates are coughing and screaming my name. I quickly get out of bed, grab my black cat and 4 month old puppy who were also napping with me and start to try to open the door. The door knob is burning hot. I let out a scream in pain from the sizzling door knob. I was screaming for help and finally I started to give up. At this point I thought my best bet was climbing out my apartment window. I screamed to let my roommates know my plan, they needed to get out of there. I started climbing out my window, I set my dog and cat outside first. I am on the 14th floor so it’s going to be a ways down. Luckily, my apartment has stairs outside my window for emergencies like this. I begin to quickly walk down the stairs with my cat and dog. I start to get really dizzy, it feels like the world is spinning around me. My heart is beating so fast, I can’t breathe. BOOM. I’m awake. I slowly open my eyes. Where am I? My mom is crying, what is going on? My head is pounding. Everything goes black…

This a poem I wrote…

Am I the bee?
I hate it when people take their emotions out on me
It makes me feel like i’m the bee
If i’m the bee then their the sting
And when i’m the bee I can’t think
Do people think
Bees don’t think
Do people think I’m a bee?