You don’t have to hide in my room anymore. The government could only distinguish you from regular people because of your walk, but now you walk like us! Now we treat you like you are 16 we get you a license, a job, then a vehicle so you can leave the state.

“Harry come down for dinner! I am not telling you another time!” called my mother. I’ll be right back, DO NOT move.

After dinner, I returned to my room, only to find that Gerald was gone! I destroyed my room trying to find him but he wasn’t there. I don’t know where he could be because I shut my door when I left but I didn’t open the door when I came back to my room. Oh no, that means… He is downstairs! I have to get mom and dad out of the house before they find him. I have a lame excuse but I could give up my DQ card and tell them to treat themselves to some Dairy Queen ice cream. I think they would buy it.

“Mom, I have this DQ card that I think you and Dad need.” “Thanks buddy, but if we wanted DQ we could get our own.” “But mom, I think it is going to expire within the next day!” “If its going to expire you should come with us.” I am running out of excuses, she isn’t buying it. I have to think on the fly. “But I have schoolwork to do, so I can’t go.” “Ok, Dad and I will take your card and buy you an ice cream.”

It worked! Now I have to find Gerald! But where to start?