“Yo! You survived a plane crash?” the flashing lights prevented me from hearing the question. They repeated “Yo! You survived a plane crash?” I stated blandly, “Yes.” trying to avoid questions so I could get home. Home was the only place where I could grieve without the questions bombarding me. I snapped back to reality when I heard the second question, ” How did come back unscathed, but everyone else passed away.” I froze. It’s only been a week since the accident. I wanted to scream Well I didn’t, I lost my family! My only family I had left! So leave me alone! Instead, I shoved my way through the group of people holding back tears while walking down the street. As soon as I shut my front door I broke down. There’s only so much you can put a person through, and I feel like I’ve been through the worst of it. I have gone to Hell and back in one week! One Week! I clambered my way into bed wondering why it was me who survived. I wish it wasn’t. I would spare my life for theirs any day. I fell asleep repeating, “Why me? Why me? Why me?”