“Your problem is not my problem.” I yell as my friend bangs on my door.

“Come on man, let me in,”

“NO! David you got yourself into this mess, now you get yourself out!”

I’m so tired of doing this run around with him. Once every month like clockwork David brings a new problem that he expects me to fix. He bangs on my door and when I open it he shoves his head as far in as he can while the privacy lock is still on and tries to convince me as to why I should help him. And every month I let him in, but now I’m tired of this. I don’t want to be involved any longer.

“Please man, if they find me they’re going to kill me”
“Please, they’re almost here”
“No, for the last time, your problem is not my problem, I’m fed up with your crap”

And with that I shoved his face away from the opening and slammed the door in his face. In that moment of silence I watch through my peep hole as Dave slowly trudges away from my door. Relieved that the entire incident was over I turned around, slid down and sat on the cool floor with my back to the door. Then I hear what sounds like the elevator, which is weird. David is terrified of using elevators. Then I hear David’s blood curdling scream coming from outside my door. Bang Bang Bang!

“Please let me in their going to kill me”
“No David, I’m not falling for your tricks”
“Please I’m not kidding, they’re here”
“Who’s here?!”
“Please, I’m sorry, If you let me in I promise I’ll never ask for your help again”

a. Let David in
b. Leave David outside

a. Let David In
I unlock the door and step back as David bursts through, slams it behind him, and deadbolts it. He’s bent over, hands on his knees trying to catch a breath.

“What the hell is going on!”
“Shhh” He puts his index finger against his mouth.
“We need to hide”

Then he grabs my hand and pulls me into the huge walk-in closet full of clothes. David parts some of the clothes on hangers, pushes me into the crevasse and returns the clothes to their original positions. And I watch as he runs off towards my kitchen. It’s deathly silent all through my apartment when Bang Bang Bang! Someone else began to bang on the door. Annoyed, I start to part my way through the clothes— CRACK! I pause, someone broke down the door. Then I realize why David made me hide.

Ending 1, The Push over

b) Leave David outside

“NO David I’m done”

I can hear him through the door, screaming and pleading for his life. But who is he talking to? I peer out through the peephole. There’s two men dressed in suits and ski masks grabbing for David as he struggles on the ground. I watch in horror as a third man appears, holding a knife.

“It looks like your friend is fed up with you.”
“No please, I can get you the money”
“It’s too late for that. You had your chance, but you wasted it, so now we’re taking what you owe in blood money”

With that the man plunges the knife into the side of David’s neck and pulls across leaving a gaping wound. David’s flailing begins to slow as more and more blood pours out. Life leaves David’s eyes and the two men holding David let go, the first man addresses the third,

“Boss, what should we do with the body?”
“Leave it, it’s not our problem any more”

Ending 2, The boy who cried wolf.