“I was ghosting you last night because I was with someone else.” “ Sorry, I think you have the wrong number.” I say as I flag down a taxi and get into it. I know for sure that I wasn’t texting anyone last night, so it had to be a wrong number. The guy sounded sorry though. At least he was being honest with the mystery girl.

“Wait, this isn’t Becca?” “Nope, not her. Good luck finding her though.” I hang up and sit in silence while I look out the window at the Manhattan streets, but I soon realize that the car isn’t moving. In fact, I’m in the same place where I got in. I look at the driver and realize he’s talking to me. Whoops. I pull out my AirPod. “Oops, sorry about that. I need to get to Macy’s, forty second street.” The cab driver nods, and we finally pull away.

I get to Macy’s, and walk through the famous revolving doors. I walk to the back of the store, and scan my employee ID to open the elevator. The elevator opens, and I begin my long ride up. The elevator dings, and the doors open. Wow. I will never get tired of the 25th floor view I’m greeted with every day. “Hi Anne, you’ve got a call on line one. Oh and, here’s your coffee.” My assistant, Gina, hands me my warm latte, and I continue walking all the way down to my office. I close the door, and take off my coat and hang it along with my bag on the coat rack. I take a sip of my latte and sit down. At the same time I’m powering my computer on, I answer the call I’m getting on line one.

“Hi this is Anne Johnson at Macy’s, How can I help you?” “ANNE! How are you? I’ve tried calling you three times but you didn’t answer!” I let out a sigh. “Hi, Mom. I’m doing good. I’m working right now and can’t talk. Remember, this is my work phone. I’ll talk to you later. Love you, bye.” I hang up and almost immediately, my cell phone starts ringing. Mom. I pick up “Hi again. What’s up? I don’t have long so make it quick.” “Uhhh Okay. I just wanted to–” This isn’t my mom. It’s some guy. “Who is this?” He starts talking again. “Oh, this is Chad from last night. It was great meeting you. I was just wondering if you’d ever want to go out sometime, y’know, for dinner or something.” I never met a Chad last night. “Sorry, I think you’ve got the wrong number. Nice ambition though.” He pauses for a second. “Wait, this isn’t Sarah?” “Nope.

“Gina, could you run and get me a salad for lunch? They’re doing Salad Saturday at Salad House. Fifty percent off all salads!” Gina nods and starts putting her coat on. “Thank you!” I go back into my office and sit down, but my phone starts ringing again. “Hello?” “Hi Sharon! Thank you for signing up for Amazon Prime. To claim your free iPad, press one! To–” I hang up. Really, another old lady fell for one of those free iPad scams? Gina comes in with my salad. Just what I needed.

The day goes by and I get fourteen more wrong number calls. A few more guys looking for the girls they met at a bar last night, a couple more scam calls, and multiple other misunderstanding instances. So many texts thanking me for signing up for free shipping. I guess this is just what happens when your phone number is 123-4567.