“I was ghosting you last night because I was with someone else.”
Just the usual Thursday for our generation,
A new day, where people don’t have respect for others or themselves.
In my grandparents’ day the “new norm” would be quite the sin,

An age where dating is just for fun;
Love traded in for selfish desires and lust,
They stay for a night or two, then run.
The real true love has begun to fade and rust.

Then the contrary: the fairytales.
Love that’s too good to be true.
Expectations that could never be met and unrealistic scenarios;
Perfection to the extreme, an unhealthy way to view.

Yet, there’s still the solemn few,
People who still desire the persistent and real,
Those who want nothing more than a single person through and through.
When did love become such a trivial ordeal?