I was ghosting you last night because I was with someone else
I was with the tree that sat in that garden
I used to climb it
Scrapes on my knee
I was with the green beans that grew up the fence
I used to eat them for dinner
Eat your veggies, my parents would say
I was with the jokes I didn’t understand
I used to laugh along because the company was all I needed
I loved my family
I was with my old bike
I used to ride in circles because my mom said not to go far
It was pink with a bell

I didn’t mean to disregard you
I used to ignore the small things
I see that you listen when I talk
I used to beg to be heard
I see how you look into my eyes while I tell you about my day
I used to not talk at all
I realize that when you hug me it’s all okay
I used to think it wasn’t

I realize that I’m growing up
I used to be scared of the future
I realize I reminisce about what once was in my life
And you sit there, knowing that you are what will be