“It will be easy money!” exclaimed my son. Obviously I wasn’t going to sit here and let him continue with his false antics.

“So, you believe that by dancing in front of a camera for this app called ‘tok-talk’ will get you a high sum of money?” I sit there and wait for it to click into his mind that he won’t have this happen to him.

“W-well, yeah!” I proceed to stare at him with a grin.

“That stupid idea is not sliding past me by any means. The chances of that happening are zero to none. And while you’re at it, I don’t want you to have that app anymore. All it promotes is instant gratification.” My son then proceeds to look at me with a scowl while shifting his body towards the exit of my room.

“You can’t make me uninstall it! I haven’t even done anything wrong.” His words start to show anger and frustration for the situation.

“Give me your phone.” Finally, he hesitantly handed it over until I finally snatched it and put it on my nightstand next to my bed. For the rest of the day my son barely said a single word to me.

The next day, I headed off to work, per usual. Yet, the most remarkable thing happened to my bank account at lunchtime. My phone buzzed and upon checking the notification, my bank account had skyrocketed to $1,250,000. A started screaming with joy, and ultimately walked to my manager’s office and told them I quit. I drove home as quickly as possible and there, waiting, was my son.

“What are you doing here?”

“I could say the same for you” my son says in a condescending tone.

“W-well I have some great news.”

“ You mean the money that got wired to your bank account? Yeah that’s mine” my very own son said.

“And, you’re not getting a single penny…Now what do you think of my ‘stupid idea’?” I could only sit there in disbelief that he would even think that he could have control of my bank account.

“How do you think you’re getting access to this money anyways?” I said with a sarcastic tone.

“Well how do you think neglecting your son by not giving him his earnings would go with CPS?”

“Maybe you should ask them.” My son stormed off to his room and slammed his door shut. An hour later, my bank account doubled again. I needed to go buy something with all this cash, I mean, it was easy money! So I headed downstairs and opened my door to the sight of what had to be one hundred people.

“There he is!” One person shouted

“It’s the dad that locked his kid in his room and isn’t giving the son any money! Hey loser, just let the kid have his money!” Said another enraged follower.

I was very nervous because I didn’t know that my son would have people who would go out of their way to do this. I closed the door and locked it as quickly as possible before sitting on the couch to check my phone. Right as I opened up “tok-talk,” the first video that popped up was my sons. It was made about 20 minutes ago and already had fifty-million likes. The video was just him talking about our conflict and now everyone knows. I tried to sneak out the backdoor and make my escape. After a fence or two and a realization that I am out of shape, I made it into the clear. I ran to the nearest car dealership, bought a car, and just drove, leaving my son at the house. Do I feel bad for leaving him there? No. He deserved it.

But ultimately, I’d never seen him again. The nearest airport had a departure to the Bahamas so that’s where I headed. I will admit, though, that my son was right by saying it was the easiest money I had ever earned.