“It will be easy money, this is your only chance?” And that’s what started the worst undercover I ever experienced.

“You’ll be going undercover and infiltrating the Black Lotus clan. Once infiltrated you’ll need to blend in as if all you care about is getting the product done and getting the money. You’ll be going by the name of Jade Miller, a chemist freshly out of seven years in jail for attempted robbery, looking to make some easy money. It might take a while but you gotta convince them you are one of them, a part of the family.”

Several days have passed, and there is no activity yet. At night there is constant noise of fighting and drunks trying to get somewhere. On the tenth day, I was walking back from doing some laundry when I noticed the tape broke, that’s when I knew someone was inside. Opening the door there were three guys inside all staring and another grabbed and shut the door behind me. The tall guy with a scar over his left eye was sitting on the edge of the bed, he stood up and started talking, “We heard you were looking for a job. The boss sent us to track you down, we need a chemist to produce and help relocate some goods. It will be easy money, this is your only chance”

“What exactly are we talking about?”

“You’ll find out once we get there.”

“Deal, I’m in.”

“Ok good, now give us your phone and gun we don’t need you trying to rat us out to the fuzz.” I handed over my gun and phone. “Alright now let’s get a move on.”

“Can I at least grab some clothes”

“Fine but be quick”

One the the guys stayed behind and watched as I went to grab some clothes, I was able to grab my hidden gun without him seeing. Off they rushed me into a black SUV, all the back windows were blacked out. Between the back and the front seats another piece of tinted glass that way I was unable to see where we were going. I sat silent all eyes locked on me, making sure I didn’t make any moves. After what felt like forever we finally came to a halting stop, “alright everyone out.” Opening the door the sun shined brightly and one of them grabbed my arm and yanked me inside through a door. Right before entering, I was able to catch a glimpse of a street sign that read PARKWAY AVE. Through the doors was what seemed like a two-car garage all walls planked with aluminum and another door on the other side. It smelled almost like burnt wood, I could hear faint conversation coming from the door across the room. The guys surrounded me and walked me across the room. Another person from inside opened the door, and that’s when I heard it. A familiar almost forgotten voice.

“Welcome, this is where you will be staying. Four of my men will always be here so don’t think of trying anything, otherwise there will be a bullet between your eyes within a few seconds.” A hand reached out to me, I grasped the outreached hand and shook it.

“Thank you, when will I be getting paid, Emilia.” She looked at me with eyes of confusion, as if she had forgotten her sister. Even though we haven’t seen each other for over 20 years I’ll never forget my little sister. “What happened to the little girl I last knew, so innocently playing pretend.”

She quickly pulled her hand back, “Well people change and you left. Don’t forget your place here.”

After that she turned and walked away, once again I was alone with the same guys who took me from my apartment. They escorted me to my room which only had a mattress and a small blanket in the corner of the room. “Get to sleep we have plans for you come morning.” With nothing to do quite yet, I went off to sleep.

Even though I went to sleep I was still on high alert so when someone barged through the doors I sprung up, “Get up the boss wants you to start working now, we’ll show you everything that you will need.”

Immediately I put my plan into action, to create a diversion I was able to drop one of the larger glass beakers. The guy standing next to the door rushed over and quickly started yelling. In the chaos of the moment when he turned his back I was quickly able to grab his phone without him noticing. Dialing 911 I was able to quickly whisper in my undercover code and then hang up. Sliding the phone on the floor over towards the Chao, “What the f*** was that, are you testing me? Next time this happens I won’t hesitate to shoot you.”

“I’m sorry I won’t let it happen.”

Within not even a few minutes the police arrived and busted down the doors. While looking everywhere we couldn’t find any idea or hint on where Emilia disappeared to. Not until the other night when I awoke to a note reading “Don’t think you got away sister,” on my kitchen counter.