“It will be easy money!” they said, I think to myself. They never said anything about kidnapping an autistic kid though, did they, I add sarcastically. I look down at the seven-year-old kid who just wants to play on his dad’s old computer, he didn’t know that the puzzles were uncracked gang codexes with lists of members, he just saw them as fun puzzles to solve. Little did everyone else know the gang had a fail-safe on that computer which notified them whenever someone accessed the list of names.

They didn’t find out until someone claiming to be from his father’s department showed up at his door looking for the laptop to put under evidence even though it had been assigned to him under the pretense of giving it to no one. The mother told me that was the first thing that set her off so she sent her son with the computer to hide in the house while her husband talked to the man. She then proceeded to call her husband’s department director who understood the situation and said that there was no authorization to take the computer. She also asked if he could send some backup, fearing the worst, which he obliged.

I’m guessing that the man out front could sense a shift in the air because from their security cameras, it looks like he pulled out a gun and shot both the mom and the dad but he looked and looked but couldn’t find the kid who was hiding away in a panic room in the basement, where the actual cops found him. Then after they did their whole process of asking him what happened, making sure he wasn’t harmed, asking him about the laptop, and processing the crime scene they handed the kid off to me with no information other than to keep him safe and that a gang may come after him and that it should be one of the easier jobs that I’ve done.

So, it started off well but that lasted about till we were getting something to eat an hour or two after we left his house. First we went and got gas in the nondescript silver 2007 toyota corolla le. Then things took a turn for the worst. I asked him what he would like to eat and he said lasagna, so I drove us to the best lasagna place i know, which may or may not be a front for the mob, called “Vincenzo’s”. I know that its a front but the pizza there is so good and the boss vincenzo himself knows me personally and we will be safe from the other gang there. Back on track we get everything ordered but little did i know the noodles were a little too chewy for the kids taste which caused a sensory reaction causing him to freak out and start to cause a scene. Which brings me back to the begging “Easy money they said”