“It will be easy money!” Nathaniel screamed into the microphone. Rap music intertwines with Nathan’s determined shouts as they reverberate throughout the gym bathroom. It’s Friday afternoon, and a group of high schoolers huddle around the basketball court, anticipating an exciting championship matchup against the 5 and 0 Kevengers and the 0 and 5 Gentlemen.

Freshmen and seniors are brought together by a common desire for unsportsmanlike basketball and to bond over the unique experience offered by the intramural league. Upon entering the court, one is immediately faced with the distinct smell of sweaty teenage boys and the occasional waft of Old Spice deodorant. Spectators are forced to hug the gym walls and avoid stray airballs; no bleachers exist. A blue curtain splits the area in half to accommodate two games simultaneously. A mob of teenagers argues over the game foul that was or wasn’t called. It’s approaching 2:20, the gym begins to fill, and the decibels begin to rise as The Gentlemen prepare to walk out of the gym bathroom and take center stage.
You can quickly identify The Gentlemen by their game jerseys, which are suits found in the clearance section of Goodwill. Nobody on the team has played varsity basketball, but their confidence is unmatched throughout the league. The Gentlemen fear no one.

The Gentlemen’s head coach, Billa, takes the mic to give one final pregame speech. Adrenalin surges through the players in the bathroom as Billa’s words of confidence engulf the room. The boys pop their collars on their jackets and tie their shoes. The music changes; “Father Stretch My Hands” by Kanye West begins to echo through the bathroom stalls.

The energy among The Gentlemen intensifies. Nathaniel stands tall, his eyes fixed on the mirror; he buttons up his suit with a determined expression. The rest of the team mirrors his intensity, their faces a mixture of nerves and excitement. Billa’s voice booms over the music, his words rallying the team for the battle ahead. The Gentlemen finally emerge from the bathroom, ready to face their opponents.

The Gentlemen play with an intensity that catches the Kevengers off guard as the game begins. Nathaniel throws up a three-pointer, and the sideline erupts with shouts and cheers. The score was followed up quickly with a layup from Elise. The Gentlemen had brought their A-game.

As the game progresses, The Gentlemen maintain their momentum. Nathaniel continues to lead the team; with a quick flick of the wrist, he sinks another three-pointer. The clock continues to tick down while

The Gentlemen maintain their lead.

The final buzzer sounds, sealing their victory. A mob of teammates and supporters quickly rushes the court. All of their hard work has finally paid off. The Gentlemen shake the hands of the opposing Kevengers players before leaving the court, their heads held high. They had done it; they won the championship.