“It will be easy money!”
“It just doesn’t seem that simple, Ron.”
“Oh come on, what about this isn’t simple? All you have to do is pick up a package and deliver it.”
I pause because like he said it is that simple, and I need the money more than he can imagine. But deals with Ron rarely turn out to be one time agreements.
I can still hear him hounding me on the other line as I continue mulling over my two options.
“Ok, I’ll do it.”
“Great, I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I’ll send you the addresses.”
My phone buzzes in my hand before I can bring it from my ear.
Deciding to push the possibilities of how he could have screwed me over, I climb in my car and program the address. The navigation system leads me away from the city. Down roads with houses that are few and far between. Dread starts to creep into me and just before full panic can overtake, the navigator’s voice breaks through my trance informing me that my destination is on my right.
I turn into the driveway of a pale yellow house. It’s evident that no one lives here anymore, but I can tell that the house was once a home.
Realizing that I should stop staring at the house, I get out of the car and head for the door. My hand instinctively goes to knock, but I stop myself and just try the knob. The door opens and reveals the inside has experienced as much damage as the outside. A square package at the edge of the staircase catches my attention. It’s relatively small and would look normal anywhere else . But here it’s so out of place I know it’s exactly what Ron needs me to deliver.
Curiosity stops me from picking up the package and getting the hell out of here like I should.
I need to know what’s inside of it.
And then as if my hands have already decided what to do by retrieving the switchblade from my back pocket, I watch as my knife cuts the tape that sealed the box together. I tuck the switchblade back into my pocket postponing the inevitable. Until finally I manage to pull the two flaps back, but the disappointment sets in as I’m met with another set of flaps. This time I waste no time in pulling them back.
My body freezes up forcing me to face what is inside the box. I want to turn away. Close my eyes and hide in the corner. Get in my car and forget everything that happened today. Go back in time to before I could pick up the phone this morning.
But I can’t.
All I can do is stare at the head.